Cartoon Caption Contest

We had a great time scurrying through more than 130 entries for this month’s mice-themed cartoon caption contest, and now you get to pick the winner. The caption that gets the most votes will appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Vote in the cartoon poll for one of the captions listed below:

• “I’m not sure which way this trial is going to go.” —Submitted by Susan Wickes of Richmond, Indiana

• “I understand that Judge Mickey’s opinions can be rather circuitous.” —Submitted by Bill Broz of Los Angeles

• “As added incentive, the judge usually has a block of cheddar waiting for anyone who can find him.” —Submitted by Todd Cranford of Fairfax, Virginia

How to vote: Using our poll, select the caption you think best fits the scene depicted in the cartoon.

Voting period: The poll closes at 11:59 p.m. CT on Sunday, Aug. 26.

What’s the prize? Bragging rights. Plus, the winning caption and credit to the caption writer will appear in an upcoming issue of the ABA Journal.

For complete rules, click this link. To view winning cartoons from this year, check out this gallery or follow the Cartoon Caption Contest RSS feed.