Constitutional Law

A progressive group calling itself the Shadow Cabinet is inviting like-minded individuals to send a message to President Donald Trump by adding their signature to an online Constitution.

Those who add their signature will be prompted to send an auto-filled message to Trump on Facebook and Twitter, according to a press release and a story by the Hill. The message reads: “We demand that you now respect the ethic of ‘with justice for all’ for individual rights and stop regularly violating laws & norms because, in America, Mr. President, no one is above the law.”

Those who sign will also be invited to join the Shadow Cabinet’s parent organization, Shadowing Trump, or other groups such as people for the American Way, Public Citizen and the National Immigration Law Center. The document can be signed here.

Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe serves as the Shadow Cabinet’s “citizen attorney general.” The group also has a “rule of law committee” that includes the University of California at Berkeley law dean Erwin Chemerinsky; former White House ethics adviser Richard Painter, a University of Minnesota law professor; and Norman Eisen, chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics.

New York City public advocate Mark Green founded Shadowing Trump. “Trump’s contempt for law is unprecedented and undeniable,” he told the Hill. “We decided to organize a citizen group to shame him on social media and be in place should he pull the trigger and create a constitutional crisis.”

Triggers could include Trump pardoning his family or firing special counsel Robert Mueller, Green said.