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A Chicago judge has resigned a few days before he was set to be sanctioned for an alleged pattern of inappropriate and harassing behavior toward women.

Judge Mauricio Araujo of Cook County announced his resignation Thursday, report the Chicago Sun-Times and Injustice Watch.

The Illinois Courts Commission had concluded after a hearing that there was “clear and convincing evidence” of misconduct.

Aurajo acknowledged making an inappropriate comment about a prosecutor, but he denied allegations by a Chicago police officer and a court reporter.

Aurajo was accused of implying that he had sex with the prosecutor, a former law school classmate, after she did not acknowledge him in the courtroom. Aurajo allegedly commented to a third person that maybe the prosecutor behaved that way “because I didn’t have sex with her. Or maybe it was because I did have sex with her.”

Aurajo was also accused of trying to kiss a Chicago police officer and propositioning a court reporter for sex.

The Chicago police officer had testified in the commission hearing that Aurajo tried to kiss her on the lips when she was in his chambers to get a warrant signed. He also asked her to touch his butt, she testified.

The court reporter testified that she was in an elevator with Aurajo when he asked, “How much?” She said he repeated the proposition weeks later.