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Employment is picking up in the legal industry after a disastrous April.

The legal services sector gained 4,800 jobs in October, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s the sixth straight month of job gains.

Despite the gain, the legal industry still has 36,300 fewer jobs than in October 2019.

The legal industry had 1,117,400 jobs in October 2020, compared to 1,153,700 jobs in October 2019.

The industry took a big hit in April amid the COVID-19 pandemic, losing 68,000 jobs, according to revised numbers.

The industry had 1,112,600 jobs in September and 1,110,900 jobs in August, according to numbers revised since last month. Those revised numbers show that the industry gained 1,700 jobs in September and 2,500 jobs in August (up from 1,108,400 jobs in July).