Nicole Bradick

Nicole Bradick, formerly of CuroLegal, has launched her own company called Theory and Principle.

“There’s a lot of interest in custom, bespoke client and customer facing technology,” Bradick says. “I think it says a lot about the maturity of legal technology that a niche company like this can even exist.”

The company itself will focus on software design and development for the legal market.

To create this company, Bradick split from CuroLegal, where she led the product development team. According to her, the split was on amicable terms and on account of different professional goals.

CuroLegal CEO Chad Burton and the CuroLegal team “are focusing on broader innovation efforts,” she says. “I’m focusing exclusively on product development.”

While running her new company from Portland, Maine, Bradick says she intends to work with CuroLegal on specific projects, including an app affecting low-income tenants in Chicago and updates to the checkups platform, which helps people assess potential legal options and services.

For the time being, she says she is working with the same product team she had at her previous company. However, she anticipates that the potential for work from law firms, legal aid organizations and funders will create a pipeline of projects that will create rapid growth this year and require more infrastructure and staff.

Beyond having a new company, Bradick is excited about it being female-owned.

“We’re in a moment of general female empowerment, and there’s something exciting about a female-owned software company,” she says.

As the company grows, Bradick hopes to create an apprenticeship program to help women and people of color enter into the world of software development.

She does not “want to rely on the market” when she can create that talent pipeline internally, she says.

Bradick was a 2012 ABA Journal Legal Rebel.

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