Love her or hate her, Sarah Jessica Parker has brand appeal. That’s why she’s courted for marketing gigs worth millions. But one jewelry company is saying she failed to follow through on their deal. Now, instead of sex in the city, she’s getting sued in the city.

Too Busy to Promote Jewelry Line

Kat Florence Design Ltd. says they had a deal with Ms. Parker to promote a new line of jewelry — the “Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond” collection. They say the agreement included a $5 million deal for Parker in addition to 10 percent of all jewelry sales. In exchange, Parker was to participate in marketing events including photoshoots, interviews, and public appearances.

However, according to the complaint, Parker only participated in the very beginning of the endeavor, received part of her payment, and then stopped making any good faith efforts to follow through on her end of the deal. Kat Florence claims Parker failed to make herself available for an evening launch party, said she was unavailable for promotional work for five months, and refused to attend the opening of their London store, among other necessary promotional work.

Parker’s Actions Made Enterprise “Impossible”

Parker is being sued by Kat Florence for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation for failing to promote the jewelry. Florence says Parker’s decisions “essentially destroyed the viability of the launching line.” They were also forced to close its new store in London which was open for the purpose of displaying the new jewelry line. Florence claims Parker’s failure to “comply with her contractual obligations” made the success of the enterprise “impossible.”

The complaint alleges that Parker cost the company millions in sponsorship, publicity, and other costs. Florence is seeking damages the company incurred producing the jewelry line with Parker, plus compensatory damages.

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