Criminal Justice

An escaped federal inmate in Beaumont, Texas, was arrested Wednesday evening as he was returning to prison with alcohol, tobacco, pot and home-cooked food.

Joshua Hansen, 25, of Dallas was arrested as a result of a stakeout by Jefferson County Sheriff’s officers and U.S. Marshals, report CNN, the Port Arthur News, the Beaumont Enterprise and the Dallas Morning News. A press release is here.

Hansen was carrying a duffel bag containing brandy, whisky, tobacco, packaged snacks, fruit and a large amount of home-cooked food, according to the press release. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Capt. Crystal Holmes said marijuana was found hidden inside some of the bag’s contents, according to the Port Arthur News.

Authorities set up the surveillance after receiving information that inmates were leaving the federal facility to pick up contraband on private land before taking it back into the prison.

Hansen, who was in prison on narcotics charges, was charged with escape and possession of marijuana.